"The World is but a Canvas to the Imagination"
~Henry David Thoreau~

April's Tender Nest....
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April Martin-Ko
Creativity Consultant, Holistic Life Coach and Educator.

Tea Time at April's Tender Nest

Tea Time at April's Tender Nest
Tea Time at April's Tender Nest

Monday, March 4, 2013

Will the Lion or Lamb be the one to Cultivate your Creativity?

The snow bells have pushed their way through the hard ground and sunny days have been forecast for the week ahead..... I feel like the warm fuzziness of a Lamb might usher us into Spring; however, last week's rains, wind (not to mention a treacherous snow storm we drove through on our way back from Whistler!) has me contemplating the Lion of March.  

Extremes, then balance...What we are all striving for.  This is also the example for living the creative life.  We have huge moments of inspiration, then lapses.  In her lectures "The Creative Fire: Myths and Stories on the Cycles of Creativity" Clarissa Pinkola Estes, talks about this natural cycle of creativity. First we have an idea, then we allow that idea come to fruition; then it becomes a creative act, then it is either is forgotten or is finished... death, then fallow ground yet again.  Like the seasons, our creative life goes through these phases. Winter has been a time of hibernation, reflecting, tending gently to the creative fires burning low.  We think everything is dead, as plants can look forlorn or brown, but just the other day I saw new buds starting to form on our raspberry bush, Spring is on the horizon! Like in the myth of Persephone returning to the upper world from Hades, bringing with her the loveliness of Spring, her mother Demeter has been hunkering down, waiting and preparing for her return, just as we do in winter.  Preparing for Spring has me tuning into all my senses once again, sight, taste, smell, touch, and sound....I see a change in  the natural environment around me on my walks in the neighbourhood. I'm pulling off the heavy sweaters and scarves, pushing up my toque so I can use my senses and powers of observation, which are so critical to the creative life. I'm thinking about the projects bright sun will shine upon and help to grow; and in that thought, also balance...Thanking the rains for softening the hard ground and mixing it up into mud so worms can tunnel through and bring  in oxygen and life!

I always have too many creative projects and not enough time... But I know with the onset of Spring when I begin facilitating my Cultivating Creativity workshops again, I will gain focus and inspiration . Teaching these classes inspires me, as well as the folks that participate.  I look forward to thoughtful tea party discussions, experiencing the wonderful seeds of  creative projects participants want to plant; some that are growing and some that need pruning, maybe a new pot, or a change in soil.  Spring is a time where we celebrate the emergence of new life. In my mind, this is the best time to really celebrate being creative.... when we take time to really engage in life, such as noticing the small growth on the trees and birds who gather interesting things to make nests. Observing what goes on in nature helps us to connect to our whole being and gives us opportunities to find joy through our creative self, and makes life worth living!